The thin blue line flag on the American flag is what signifies the role of the law enforcement agency. It is the law enforcement agency that ensures order when there’s chaos. The popular dictionaries define police as the people who maintain order in times of unrest.

For the longest time, the police are proud symbols of the United States. The American flag is known as the Stars and Stripes. But it may sometimes have that think blue line across it, signifying the police. The thin blue line flag is usually placed right at the center of the black-and-white version of the Stars and Stripes.

The History of the Thin Blue Line Flag

The first version of the thin blue line flag appeared during the neo-Nazi time. As a matter of fact, it appears along with the Confederate and neo-Nazis flags. However, this flag is not without controversies, especially when it is associated with white supremacy.

The police officer themselves reject the bigotry, hatred, and racism that is somehow associated with the thin blue line flag. Using it in a tarnished way is not within the notions of what the American nation believes in.

What the Thin Blue Line Flag Symbolizes

The thin blue line flat symbolizes all the sacrifices of the US law enforcement agency. Every day, the police risk their lives to defend what’s upright. It means that they have to do what it takes to defend and protect the rights of the people.

The thin blue line flag is also used whenever a police officer falls down during the line of duty. The thin blue line is usually placed right at the center of the flag, while the rest of the flag is black and white. That puts the blue line in extreme prominence during the commemoration.

Thin Blue Line Flags

Thin blue line flags are used as commemorative souvenirs or as a tribute to the family and friends of law enforcers. If you want to get hold of these flags, simply find tribute companies that manufacture them. There are companies that even make them not to sell commercially but to donate it to the families of law enforcement officers. Some sell them but they donate a good portion of the proceeds to non-profit organizations that benefit police officers.

A thin blue line flag may not only appear in textile form but also in wooden frames. Sometimes, they also sell children’s clothes, t-shirts, and tank tops with the thin blue line flag in it. Such merchandise is sold with the purpose of promoting police officers.

In Honor of Police Officers

Although there are different reasons to revere police officers, there still exists rivalry between certain citizens and law enforcement. Even if there are lots of controversies between the use of this flag, everything remains the same.

The police play a key role in our society and they have to be respected. Respecting them is respecting the flag and the rest of the country. Whatever differences there might be at the moment, it is everybody’s prayer that it will be resolved very soon.